Chef Anne Margaret OHare, O CUISINE

Trained by the Culinary Institute of America, Anne Margaret spent years in Paris and Basque country where she honed her skills in Michelin-starred restaurants. Her experiences abroad were charged by a deep passion for food — cooking wasn’t simply a means to earn a living, but was living.

Chef O’Hare made a name for herself as a female business owner and entrepreneur on the culinary scene in Manhattan by running an in-demand catering business, a bustling neighborhood cafe and rising to the challenge of providing private chef services to high-end and celebrity clientele. Inspired to create something new, Anne Margaret traded private kitchens to build a kitchen her own kitchen for the public, O CUISINE.

Anne Margaret lives in New York City with her son. When she isn’t behind an apron, she’s dreaming of Mediterranean coastlines.

Chef Anne Margaret O'Hare - Founder, O CUISINEChef Anne Margaret O’Hare, O CUISINE
1261 Park Ave, NYC
Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side between 97th + 98th Streets